Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Undercover In High Heels (Gemma Halliday) Review

Maddie has been spending a lot of time at home lately, on the couch with her sex crazed best friend Dana, glued to the TV watching the hottest soap opera in town, Magnolia Lane. Maddie uses her fashion world connections to get herself behind the scenes and work on the set, while Dana manages to get herself cast as a stand in. And then what do you know, the double for the main character gets strangled with pantyhose.

Goodreads Page - Undercover In High Heels

Maddie's love interest, Detective Jack Ramirez is not at all happy that she has gone and gotten herself tangled up in yet another crazy adventure. And when Maddie realizes that someone has been following and stalking her, she's not too happy either. But with her trusted sidekick Dana, and their Cagney and Lacey attitude, these two girls are determined to get some answers.

So Maddie gets kidnapped, her apartment gets trashed, she makes a starring role in Internet porn (via her one of a kind personally designed shoes), not to mention the guns pulled on her, and cake icing in her face. Then Jack has to bail her out when she gets arrested for not only carrying a gun but a personal massager as well!

I really enjoyed this whole series. Maddie is a good character, very likable. And her adventures are fun. They never get me so scared that she won't make it, even when it seems she is in dire straights. They are fun, easy, light reading. I definitely recommend them to anyone who just wants to relax and enjoy a book.

4 out of 5 Stars.

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