Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Undercover In High Heels (Gemma Halliday) Review

Maddie has been spending a lot of time at home lately, on the couch with her sex crazed best friend Dana, glued to the TV watching the hottest soap opera in town, Magnolia Lane. Maddie uses her fashion world connections to get herself behind the scenes and work on the set, while Dana manages to get herself cast as a stand in. And then what do you know, the double for the main character gets strangled with pantyhose.

Goodreads Page - Undercover In High Heels

Maddie's love interest, Detective Jack Ramirez is not at all happy that she has gone and gotten herself tangled up in yet another crazy adventure. And when Maddie realizes that someone has been following and stalking her, she's not too happy either. But with her trusted sidekick Dana, and their Cagney and Lacey attitude, these two girls are determined to get some answers.

So Maddie gets kidnapped, her apartment gets trashed, she makes a starring role in Internet porn (via her one of a kind personally designed shoes), not to mention the guns pulled on her, and cake icing in her face. Then Jack has to bail her out when she gets arrested for not only carrying a gun but a personal massager as well!

I really enjoyed this whole series. Maddie is a good character, very likable. And her adventures are fun. They never get me so scared that she won't make it, even when it seems she is in dire straights. They are fun, easy, light reading. I definitely recommend them to anyone who just wants to relax and enjoy a book.

4 out of 5 Stars.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Killer In High Heels (Gemma Halliday) Review

Maddie is back! She is behind on her kiddy shoe deadlines, and wants to know why she hasn't heard from Detective Ramirez, when she gets a message on her machine from her 20 year absent father asking her for help. The message ends with the distinct sound of a gun shot, and Maddie can't help but want to find out exactly what is going on!

That brings Maddie and her band of misfits to Las Vegas, where she finds herself entangled in a world of aging drag queens, jealous boyfriends, knockoff shoe smugglers, and a lot of violence and threats. Not to mention, once again landing in the middle of Detective Ramirez's investigation.

I still can't manage the picture upload, so again, here is the Goodreads page.

Goodreads Page- Killer in High Heels

Maddie will stop at nothing to help her father, and maybe save his life, just for the chance to finally get to know him. But, aren't there some secrets about a Dad that the kids should never know?

4 out of 5 Stars

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Spying In High Heels (Gemma Halliday) Review

When my sister told me about these books, I immediately knew I would fall in love. A Los Angelas based Shoe Designer who stumbles upon a murder investigation and is determined to get to the end before the cops? Mix that with Manolo's and one seriously sexy Hispanic Cop, and I'm ready to dig in!

Goodreads Page - Spying In High Heels

For some reason, I can't upload a picture. Hopefully I will get that figured out and fixed soon. So in the meanwhile, here is the Goodreads page.

The opening to the book immediately caught my attention. Meet Maddie Springer. Los Angelas shoe designer with dreams of having her own label one day. But for now she is designing kiddy shoes. Think Spongebob Rain Boots and Dora Jelly Sandals.

Maddie is a funny if somewhat snarky leading lady. Her boyfriend is a high profile lawyer, who after blowing her off for lunch, goes missing. Duhn duhn! This leads Maddie to breaking into his office, and home, and eventually getting herself knee deep into a fraud/theft/murder investigation, all while building insane sexual tension with super hotty Detective Ramirez.

While all this is transpiring, her crazy post menopausal mother is planning her wedding to a (mostly heterosexual) hair stylist to the stars, and the lovely wonderful 300 pounds mu mu sporting psychic Mrs. R is desperately trying to cleanse every ones shakras. Add to this Maddie's best friend, sex crazed and full of drama.

The story is cute, fun, and an easy read. And the end definitely leaves you wanting more.

4 out of 5 Stars.

Dirty Diapers and Dieting

My daughter is going to be two years old in March, and in the two years since she was born I have put on almost sixty pounds. Not not ok. I've realized that I have become the Mom who sits on the bench and watches her kid play at the park. And I will be damned if that will be me again this summer. So my best friend got me an exercise bicycle for Christmas, and I have joined the Body By Vi 90 day challenge, and in 12 days I have lost 4 pounds! I am excited to see what this can do for me. I feel better every day. I haven't had any soda, and I realize, I don't need it. Caffeine isn't a part of my life anymore, either. I did have some half caff the other day, and it just tasted gross to me. I guess I am really going to change my lifestyle. I have to. If I want to be a part of my daughters life, and if I want to show her a healthy lifestyle, I have to be that good example.

Let me tell you, I LOVE food. I really do. Cheesecake, brownies, fried chicken, pizza, cranberry sauce. I just love food. But I love my daughter more. This has been a little difficult the last few weeks. But I will get there! I look forward to the journey.

I'm excited for my daughters birthday. I should just start saying her name, which is Lauren. Typing out my daughter is annoying sometimes. Lauren is going to be two. I can't believe it. She was born like 3 weeks ago it feels. And now she's halfway to school age. I'm anxious to see what her life is like, and what she is like, and where her adventures take her. I have such optimism and so many aspirations for her. I hope she gets everything she wants and deserves.

I've put her in some pageants. I know that's probably a little crazy to some people, especially with this Honey Boo Boo and Toddlers and Tiaras nonsense. But it's not all like that. She is a great kid. She really enjoys being the center of attention, and she can make anyone laugh. So, if she can be herself and earn some college money at the same time, why not? We have a big pageant coming up in Niagara Falls. I'm very excited for her. She is competing for a State title. Even if she doesn't win, she will at least have a great time. That's what I am after. And I have never been to Niagara, so this will be nice for all of us, to get away for a while.

I guess things in this sleepy Upstate NY town aren't so bad. I mean, it could be worse. We could be even more bored, or have even more snow. At least this town is so full of idiocy that I am always amused, and I am sure I will never run out of inspiration.